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Are you content with your content?

I bet you are, aren’t you!

However, is the world content with it too?

So this read is not about the top 10 content ideas or top any top 10 for that matter.

It's about something or someone that is far more important.

Okay so coming to the rest later, let me start with an example (Oh! this will be fun)

A show of hands, how many of you actually understood that without a hitch

How did the video make you feel?

  • Clear as a Day

  • What is wrong with this video?

Well I did not, and even after many tries I still don’t get is past the first 40 seconds.

So does that mean all you need to do is to write in the simplest language possible?

Then what is it? What is this big secret to write great content?

It’s you

In all the heaven's glory, the secret ingredient is you!

All you have to do is KISS your thoughts onto paper (or a word file).







Short &


  • Using complex sentences

  • Using long sentences

  • Flaunting your Vocabulary (This one is a BIG NO)

  • Using more words to explain less

  • Going robotic in your tone unless you are writing a research publication.

  • Using simple words

  • Using simple construction sentences that are not too long

  • Content Flow - This is simply, your content coming in a flow that is well connected and makes logical sense.

  • Using less words to explain more

  • Making it sound like a conversation (it should feel like one in your reader's mind)

But I have a few questions

Do you understand the platform for which you are writing?
  1. A personal blog should sound like conversation

  2. A technical blog should have clarity so use of stepwise pointers and fine segregation is recommended

  3. A research paper or website has to be very well structured and to the point. There is no space for conversation like content.

Do you understand the people that you are writing for?
  1. Casual readers like fun. The more funny your content is, the better

  2. Serious readers like to get straight to the point. They have a problem and are searching for a solution so better give it to them straight.

Do you understand the mood that your readers are in?
  1. A casual mood is when even serious readers will grasp important information but they are currently on a break. (This article for example)

  2. A serious mood is more like no bullshit and just straight away to the point. This article is a good example of that.

Notice that you do not need to have a degree in human psychology to understand everything that I have said above. All you need is a little empathy.

So listen to what your heart says, the poor thing is almost every single time, correct! Shut up, Close your eyes and listen!

Happy Writing.

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