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Google Bard: The Generative AI That Will Revolutionize Search and Content Marketing


It’s a fancy way of saying that Google will soon be integrating Google Bard into its regular search.

What it means for you

  1. Keyword game will end: While keywords themselves will never use their value, their contextual use will be more important than the placement strategy that most of us rely on. Simply put, you would need to focus more on how your customers, audience or content consumers are going to read easily and get value out of it.

  2. Specificness will NOT help: Queries like “Best marketing consultant in Delhi” won’t help. Once someone keys in “Best marketing consultant in Delhi”, the algorithm will find out the attributes of the best consultant like projects, clients, and results, and then suggest results. Even if someone does not have these keywords on their website, they can still rank top.

  3. Intelligence is the key: It’s safe to say that the same old recipe to rank will not stand valid anymore.

While currently, there is no ranking recipe anytime sooner, the one thing to understand is that content is the king.

What marketers need to do is focus on identifying and highlighting features as thoroughly as possible.

This opens up the scope of options for any generative AI to pull and list your content.

Imagine it like your piece of content is cattle and Search engine AI is the cowboy.

The cowboy lassos the cattle when asked to and the more number of lassos, the better chance for the cattle to be roped in. The descriptive features are the places where the lasso will be roping in your piece of content.

The more descriptive the content, the better chance it has to be roped in and displayed by the search engine AI.

While you can use AI to level up your content, letting a chatbot write the content for you is never recommended.

Best of luck!

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