The sure-shot SEO trick

One of my clients is a group called Ajit Industries.

I will just come straight to the point and show you a series of results.

As you can see, a lot of coveted Zero Position results (also called zero click position).

I have the trick to achieve this and today, I’ve decided to share the secret with you.

I bet you are in a place where there are articles over articles, flooding your 6-inch screen footage with most of them telling you about complex (and sometimes even redundant) articles about getting top ranks on google.


It is not about how difficult or easy it is to get ranked.

It’s about Hygiene.

While I am sure that you have done all technical optimizations and your basic keyword research, here you are still searching for the answer.

As promised, I have the CURE for you

Be concise

You should come away straight to the point, rather than straightaway identifying the benefits and USPs. You should be explaining the product or service itself first. Its very definition and what it’s commonly used for. Simple.

Be Useful

You are reading this article because it is helpful to you. Remember, a lot of people are on the web to gain information. Despise their designation expertise or experience, they are still online with the sole purpose of acquiring information. Make sure that they get the information they want; if your audience is very keen on specifications. Have a specification table; if they are looking for variety. Create a pallet; If pricing is what they need, make it clear. Give walkthroughs if needed.

Do not do whatever it takes, rather do only what is needed most.

Be Relevant

A pastry page can gain ranking much better if it is on a bakery site. Webpage for a car works best when it is on a website that compares and lists cars. In short, your webpage has to be relevant to your website for it to optimally rank. This is the reason why may organizations have different websites for different product ranges,

Be Earnest

Be real about what your content is. Never exaggerate or deviate from the real offering. Having faith in what you offer is what your audience needs. Never oversell your offerings.

That’s it!

However, from a marketing perspective, I urge you to read about how to write great content.

Remember, it took me almost 1 year to achieve the zero position so be patient & have faith in what you do. This is the biggest secret success to rank.

All the best.

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