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What makes a great marketer?

What are the ingredients of a great marketer?

Is it collecting vast amounts of knowledge in and beyond books?

Or, is it gathering a lifetime of experience?

Okay okay! I’m Sorry!

No more questions anymore. I Promise!

Let me put it this way.

As I am writing this, a Nat Geo documentary is running on my television and I am half in & out

But there is this scene where a hawk, an apex predator, with its superior form and agility is flying low in the woods searching for its prey.

A chickadee, with its special eyesight, notices it and raises an alarm in tweets.

The squirrel, with its power to understand & mimic chickadee, notices the alarm and routes it ahead(I had no idea squirrels could do that).

The warning is then relayed through the forest at over 100 miles/hour (and you thought the hawk was fast at 40 miles/hour?)

from one animal to another and the hawk, despite being in an area rich in prey, returns empty handed.

You don't need to be big and strong to make it, what you need are good friends.

You see, if individuals with specific strengths (but a lot of weaknesses) come together and work as a team, the results can give the very best of the best, a run for their money.

Teamwork is the key

A team is nothing but creation supported by collaboration & communication.

So forget about doing epic campaigns and extraordinary results. Reset your mind and focus on gaining one thing that can make it happen. A Team.

The Thinker - Someone who can think out of the box. Creates concepts that ignite heart & mind.

The Painter - Someone who has a creative vision & a knack to transform ideas into art.

The Poet - Someone who can give the art, the words that it deserves

The General - A strategist who knows how to choose the right channels and take it to the people.

The Spy - An analyst that can measure the impact of the campaign, calculates ROI and identifies success factors in all of the works.

The first step is to figure out who you are. For example, while I can function in any of the above roles, what really sets me out is the role of The Poet.

This helps me to find and connect with the right set of people. I need a thinker, a painter, a general and a spy to make the perfect team that is ready to give epic campaigns and extraordinary results.

What to you think?

Is teamwork the true key to success?

  • Yay Teamwork

  • Nay Teamwork

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